The Rake | Final Episode

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The Rake by D.TaylorAnnette


My chest begged, aching in a depraved way. I threw my hands back against the wall and gasped because my body told me to. My lower back tensed as my diaphragm began to quiver in waves. Noooooouugh, Uuuuungh, uuuungh Ooooooooough! I couldn’t resist, the wave hit my hips and lower back sending a taze of shock to all of my extremities. I pushed out from the wall in an arch, posting on my head. Stretching, locking every fiber of muscle in a full body yawn, Huuuungh!

The excess current made its way out of my spine making my legs shake and spasm. Grabbing the inside of my thighs Evan pried my legs apart and began blowing on me softly. The soft pulse and persistence of the air drove me there in almost an instant, pleasure possessed me. Involuntary expressions escaped my mouth in a frightened joy as he forced my fall. 

Uuuuuuuungh, in a quiet whimper that said enough.  That’s what she meant, Annette’s words translated in the most exquisite way. My sister’s laugh echoed in my head as I searched the darkness for something solid to hold.  I grabbed his head, cradling the base of his skull at the neck, and then closed my legs over his shoulders. Welling up with tears my body slumped over the top of him, dripping emotion down into his hair. My own hands had searched but never made me feel as much of a woman as Evan just had.

“SHUT UP!” I pulled back startled with “why” clouding my eyes. “I haven’t given you a reason to cry yet.” Evan flung me across the room onto the bed and walked towards me calculating. His limb pulsed with anger as he stalked towards the bed intent on taking what he wanted. Light pushed back the shadow and I gasped pausing in mid swallow.  “It” was grotesquely beautiful; engorged and heavy, more tool than instrument.

The appendage didn’t match the tight abdominals and strong legs that it was attached to, I stared in awe. He settled over the top of me, swatting my limbs back and grabbing my knees with firm aggression. Evan ran himself the length of me, wetting his flesh before trying to part me.

I contracted in absurd protest only to be broken; the forced entry was unapologetic and direct. My lip flickered between the short quick breaths sniffling between the throws of pain. We moaned together, sipping air off of each other’s lips like the lovers we were never meant to be. I grinned through the pain, delighting in the pleasure he was giving and that yet to come. I baited Evan, cries and fake passion fueled his lust. I screamed and wedged my arms against the weight of him, forbidding him from touching the depth of me.

He slowed his motion, but pressure molded and shaped my flesh without subtlety. Forged by heat and pain my body gave the way it had to; I cried No, but nothing stopped him from breaking me, burying himself further inside me. Evan pulled at my slumped shoulders sinking deeper and deeper. I caught his eye, looking at him with wonder as he retreated one last time before claiming the last piece of me. Deaths pleasure beaconed.  My resistance became an embrace, tension gave way and he mumbled and then shouted “CRY NOOWWW!”



She collapsed inside herself, retreating as I pushed and pried. Everything tender surrendered. Annette crawled backwards as I pulled myself inside her. UNICORN! screamed my mind. The fantasy of her fueled my excitement, tendons gave like rubber bands, popping as her pressured flesh molded to me. Whimpers turned to relieved gasped as I retreated. I was at the door of Everest, I smiled satisfied and claimed what no other man could, “Here’s your reason, CRY NOOWWW!”

Evans penis was split into four as he thrust three inches past the razor sharp diaphragm. The hound howled and lashed at the bed as Danette hung on for dear life. As he bled out he mumbled Labdanum, styrax, rose, myrrh and…Testosterone she finished. Danette rolled Evan over on his back and kissed his lips as they turned blue.

“We were twins, Annette she was all woman and me…well I got best of both. You took her; just like you took me and she loved you for it. Your love destroyed her, made her insecure and helpless while she struggled to keep your attention. She was desperate, and did the only thing she could think to make you feel…You didn’t. She lie in a warm bath bleeding and needing you, but it was me that found her. I swore to her you’d pay; and I let them cut me, to make me the agent of your destruction.” Danette pulled his chin toward her so they face each other nose to nose. She gave him a long last kiss as the last of his blood ran down over his legs. Danette flashed a bright crazy girl grin and said, “We love you Evan…to death. 

Written by D.Taylor
Twitter: @spokenwoo

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