September 2013 | Barbara Zatler

Barbara Zatler is an International Danish model with 10+ years of experience. Her resume includes numerous features and covers with magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, GQ and FHM. Beauty, Smarts and Dedication has manifested into a successful Model, Actress, Radio and TV Personality, Writer and who would have thought…a Comedian?…

PTM: Tell us briefly about your background and how your modeling career started.

Barbara Zatler: I started modeling when I was about 22 years old. I got discovered by a photographer who wanted to take my picture. At first I didn’t want to because I was unsure about if I had what it takes to become a model but he convinced me otherwise so I agreed to try it out. The images came out great and I got a lot of positive feedback on them. That inspired me to pursue a career as a model and I got into an agency but after some time I decided to go solo and be my own agent!

PTM: Seeing where you are now from when you first started, how have you grown as a person and as a model?

Barbara Zatler: Yes, I really think that I have. You learn so much about life and work when you take on a task to follow your dream and you learn that it is hard work to do so, but if you really want something then you don’t just give up and quit! I have learned much about myself and how the world looks like. It is tough and you will get many scars along the way but the feeling of succeeding overcomes it all! So yes I have certainly grown as both a person and a model.

PTM: For some models, Playboy is the pinnacle, how was that experience and how do you feel being a playmate?

Barbara Zatler: The crew was very professional and made me feel very comfortable even though I had to take off my clothes. Not something I am used to in front of a camera, but they were kind and professional so I almost forgot that I was naked during the shoot. I was nervous of course because I wanted to live up to their expectations and I managed to get through the long shoot that took 16 hours. And I was very happy to become a part of the Playboy family and they surprised me with the cover, something that I had not seen coming! I was very, very happy to become a playmate as I think that it’s the highest achievement in the Playboy world.

PTM: Hugh Hefner…Cool Guy?

Barbara Zatler: Hugh Hefner is a very sweet and kind man and he is always smiling, I like that about him. First time I met him was at the Playboy Mansion for a Halloween party.

PTM: Was Playboy the highlight of your career so far?

Barbara Zatler: I would say it’s one of them. I see both Playboy, Esquire and GQ as the main highlights of my career. They are all three some of my best work!

PTM: What are your likes and dislikes about the model industry today?

Barbara Zatler: I love that I get to work with so many talented people around the world and I get to see much of the world. So much beauty just waiting to be seen! But I also like that I get to work with body language and expressions and of course to get many good pictures. They make “time stand still” something for the scrapbook when I get old :)

What I dislike is when some photographers retouch their images to much so it leaves a unnatural image of what a woman looks like and leaves girls thinking that that is how a woman should look like to be beautiful! Many girls starve them-self to get the “perfect” body but it’s not, it’s an unhealthy look! There was a short period of time when they focused on this problem and magazines used more natural looking models with a healthy look but it seems like everyone has forgotten about this again! Such a shame!

PTM: Would you recommend one over the other, Freelance Models vs. Signed Models?

Barbara Zatler: No I would not set one over the other. You can’t choose who is best for the job just by looking at which of them is a signed model. It’ is all about who is best at her job and has the right look for the job than anything else. So for me, everyone is just as good as the other no matter if you are signed or not.

PTM: What insights can you give new and aspiring models that might help avoid pitfalls or turn roadblocks into stepping stones?

Barbara Zatler: The advice I can give to girls who want to try out as a model, start with contacting an agency who can help you get started and get you in touch with some photographers to make a portfolio for you. If you want to make it on your own then make sure to check up on the photographer before you meet up with him, you never know if he is for real or a person who pretends to be something he is not.

It can be a dangerous place to be if you don’t know how to take care of yourself in the business. It’s hard work and you must take care of yourself because nobody else does! I’m not trying to scare the girls but you must keep that in mind! And you must get in contact with the editors of some good magazines to get much and good exposure, then you will open many doors for new adventures that are just waiting for you! And always remember to be humble and nice because no one wants to work with a stuck up diva who thinks she is already a star.

PTM: You’re a very busy women, what is it that gives you a “peace of mind” when everything around you is moving 100 mph?

Barbara Zatler: I love to read books about history or paint! But I truly find my peace of mind out deep in the forest where I often go for a walk with my two dogs.
PTM: Comedian, would have never guessed. Are we talking stand-up or acting? How did this come about?

Barbara Zatler: I have always been very fond of comedy and laughter is really one of the best things in life! I just meet some people in the comedy industry like Danish comedian Casper Christensen and he asked me if I wanted to come aboard on Douglas Entertainment and I thought why not just try it out for a bit. It was fun but I’m not there anymore as I couldn’t find the time. But it was acting as I am too much of a scaredy cat to do stand up. Only tried it once on Playboy radio.

Favorite Food: Roasted duck with brown potatoes.
Favorite Music Artist(s): The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode.
Favorite Movie(s): The Lord of The Rings, Inception, Drive, Pirates of the Caribbean. Green Mile.
Favorite Quote: “Why wait till tomorrow with something you can do today?”
Turn-Ons: Down to earth kind of people.
Turn-Off: People who don’t know how to be nice to other people, racists and those that don’t like animals.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

PTM: Is there a special someone in your life at the moment or is it all about the career right now?

Barbara Zatler: Right now, I am single, so that also makes me more focused on my career. Not that I am only thinking about that, but I just haven’t met anyone yet.

PTM: Give us one thing on your bucket list.

Barbara Zatler: I plan on taking a trip around the world and see every little spot on this planet. I have a huge desire to go see New Zealand and Maldives, so those are the next things on my to do list.

PTM: Any new project we should be on the lookout for?

Barbara Zatler: I have a bunch of new things coming. TV Shows and Magazines. Men’s Health and Esquire is among them.

PTM: Who would you like to thank?

Barbara Zatler: I would first of all like to thank you for having me and for the readers for taking the time to read my interview and what I have to say. Then I would like to thank my partners in crime (the photographers who make this all possible for me! And last but not least my friends and family for the support and believing in me! Thanks to all of you!

PTM: Where can people find you online?

Barbara Zatler: You can find me at: and on my website and I do hope to see you there.

PTM: We very much appreciate your time and insights. Wishing you good health and continued success.

Barbara Zatler: Thanks guys and once again thanks for having me! And off course I wish you all a good and happy life!