Pillow Talk Magazine is looking for professional and upcoming models. If you are wanting extra FREE EXPOSURE via Print{Colorado, Models Randomly Selected} and Online then we would love to joint venture with you.

We understand the struggles of trying to make a name for yourself no matter what the industry is.

Pillow Talk Magazine will do it's part in helping to turn roadblocks into stepping stones. We don't ask for much and expect nothing in return. We do what we do off the strength and love of your aspirations.

What We Want

  • Sexy Models 18 Years Or Older
  • Sexy High Res Photos. No Water Marks Other Than Photographer. Must Have Photographer Consent.
  • Sexy Photos
  • Photos With Pillows A Plus
  • All Photos Subject To Approval.

What You Get...

  • Your Own Profile Page On PillowTalkMag.com
  • Link Profile Promotion
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Future Promotion

Model Spotlight *Print* {Randomly Selected}

Alex Cupcakee

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