Heeldo Spokesmodel Ashley Sincliar Interview

Ashley SinclairPTEros: Pillow Talk Radio, 109PTR.com here with Ashley Sinclair, Foot Fetish Film Star. Give us a brief background about some of your films.

Ashley: I do all sorts of stuff & Fetishes including Foot Fetishes, there’s a little something for everyone.

PTEros: Focusing more on the foot fetish, how did u find out about the Heeldo product and what was your introduction to it?

Ashley: The first time I ever heard of Heeldo was the 1st Heeldo video that I did, it was for another fetish model and producer in Tampa named “Taylor Raz”. I shot a video for her. It was one of the 1st Heeldo videos ever shot I believe.

PTEros: How do you feel about being the first official Heeldo Spokesmodel?

Ashley: I think it’s pretty awesome that I get to be a part of that and be the very first one. It’s very exciting; we actually just started talking on twitter for a little while then eventually started emailing going back and forth and throwing around ideas. It just happened and it works.

PTEros: Give us a peek into your world of the fetishes and the foot fetish phenomenon.

Ashley: (Giggles) Well there is something for everyone, and for some people feet just do it for them, gets them excited.

PTEros: Is there a Foot Fetish convention, is there kind of like a community that tunes into your web, because I know you have a webcam modeling site as well as your videos.

Ashley: Not sure about a specific Foot Fetish Convention but there is a Fetish Convention called Fetish Con which is a lot of fun!

HeeldoPTEros: So back to the Heeldo, do you masturbate yourself with the Heeldo or do you like to have someone use it on you?

Ashley: I like both actually, depends on my mood. It’s a lot of fun to use alone, it gives you something different to do when you’re by yourself, but it’s also fun with other people, you can use it on someone else or I can have someone used it on me. Depending on what my mood is like, if I feel like being dominated I would have someone use it on me, then when I’m feeling more dominate I will want to use it on someone else.

PTEros: Does it take a certain amount of leg strength or stamina; I’m looking at the model trying to figure it all out?

Ashley: It depends on what position, but you do have to have a little bit of leg stamina, not too much, it’s not hard to use.

PTEros: Ok, now when using the Heeldo what’s your favorite position?

Ashley: Body is fun! You just turn around and sit right on it, just feels right that way.

PTEros: I was looking through the models, there are different sized dildos. Do they have a double penetration one?

Ashley: I have not seen a double penetration one, the ones that I have just hold one dildo, but you can use all different sizes. You can use small or large sized ones because there are different sized rings with them, so you can use any sized dildo that you want as long as it has the ring on the end of it.

Ashley SinclairPTEros: Cool…Do you have anything new coming up that we should know about any new films/videos?

Ashley: I will be having 10-12 new Heeldo videos coming out, also they will be working on a signature Heeldo for me and fans can buy that, an Ashley Sinclair Signature Heeldo. So that’s going to be pretty exciting!

PTEros: Yea that’s going to be Hot…

Ashley: Yea it’s going to be Awesome!

PTEros: Ok what about any shout outs?

Ashley: I would definitely give a big shout out to my girl Taylor Raz, she is the first one to introduce me to the Heeldo. The first time I used it was for one of her websites. She is somebody that got me involved in a lot of the fetish industry and fetish porn. She is the first person I shot with, she’s been a big influence so I want to give a big shout out to her, she’s awesome.

PTEros: Tell us about how people can find you? Tell us about your websites and social sites that we need to be aware of?

Ashley: Absolutely my twitter is @Ashleysinclair0 everyone should follow me there and see what I’m doing. I have a few different websites. AshleyandFriends.com is one; Ashleysheeldo.com will have all my Heeldo videos.

PTEros: Thank you for joining us tonight, look out for the Ashley Sinclair Heeldo. Where’s your next appearance you will be making?

Ashley: Definitely keep an eye out for that.

PTEros: Are you going to be autographing boxes? What are going to be doing for that?

Ashley: We haven’t decided for sure yet we are still throwing ideas back and forth, with that. I’m excited to see what we all come up with.

PTEros: Once again, we thank Ashley for joining us tonight on 109PTR.com, Pillow Talk Radio.