Heeldo Interview

HeeldoPTEros: This is PTEros here with Joe and Drew of Heeldo, we are interviewing them for 109ptr.com. Joe and drew just go ahead and give us an introduction and tell us a little bit about your product “Heeldo”.

Joe Wilson: Sure, This is Joe Wilson, I kind of head up the marketing and sales for the company. Drew do u wanna give a little spiel?

Drew: YEAH,   My name’s Drew. I’m located in Michigan, and I do a lot of the product development and Director of Operations is my official title.

Joe: Drew is kinda the brain child behind the whole idea of the product. And what it is in its most basic form; it’s a harness that you put on your foot and you’re able to attach a dildo to it. So it’s a strap on, the first strap-on that you can actually use on yourself. Normally a strap-on, you need a partner, and you can use the Heeldo with a partner but we will get to that in a little bit. It’s a harness that allows for hands free masturbation. You can put a dildo on it or a butt plug on it put on the back of your heel you use it on yourself, if you put it in the bottom heel position on the bottom of your foot and you can use it on a partner laying in front of you.

PTEros: How do two GUYS invent one of the AVN nominated toys of the year? How do two guys come up with that idea?

Joe: A little bit of alcohol might have been involved.

Drew: A lot of free time, (all laughing) it was more of a comical concept than an idea than it was a product initially. We were just talking about it, joking about women multitasking and being able to do so many things at once. So we were just joking around like you know their driving the car and still pleasuring themselves with their foot or doing their hair and still able to pleasure themselves with their foot. We were like uh, I wonder if there is anything like it? Joe did a bunch of research and found that there was nothing out there like it, we did not even see the idea of it, the whole concept of it. We knew we were onto something pretty new, pretty innovative.

PTEros: So you had an idea, you found a market that was open and ready to be monopolized and then you went ahead and put everything into motion, how has the response been to your product so far?

Joe: It’s been great. From the industry we have had a really great response in the first year we had AVN & XBIZ nominate us six different times. So that’s awesome that was right out of the gate, we got that within the first year.  From customer’s we get kind of your reaction like, “what the hell is this thing”? And once they find out about it they are either really into it or you know, it’s not for them, but it’s not just another dildo, it’s not another strap-on for your waist. It’s a new thing we are introducing a new way to masturbate, so it takes a little bit of, not training but teaching people. This is what it is, this how you use it you don’t need to be limber and flexible, if you can kneel down and the main position is where you kneel on it as if you were a female giving a blow job you’re already in that position anyway and your lowering your body back and forth, now you can put something on your foot and get some pleasure out of that yourself.

PTEros: It’s kind of a sweet spot finder?

Drew: It’s such a natural position and you don’t even really realize it until, you start looking for it, after Joe and I just started talking about the idea, I remember just going  to the grocery store and looking at a magazine rack, and there was like a girl sitting on the cover with her family but sure enough her heel was like almost right in her ass almost,  It’s like the perfect position you can just draw Heeldo right there, and it would be like right there. Just started seeing it like everywhere in different photography or advertisements and it’s like dude that’s such a natural position, for someone to be in how could it NOT work!

PTEros: So again, it doesn’t require any leg strength, stamina or flexibility? So pretty much everybody can adapt?

Drew: Depending on how you use it, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a brand new thing so if you want to invent a position that works for you, then go for it ya know. If you’re kneeling its good, you could squat on it. I mean I have seen some girl sitting in a desk chair with her foot up kind of just kicking themselves with it. You know it’s however you want to use it.

PTEros: That sounds like some type of contest for your website, “what’s the most creative use” for your customer feedback that way.

HeeldoDrew: That’s a great idea!

Joe: We are kind of just taking things as they come in right now and I think we are gonna do that! That’s a good one.

PTEros: Can your product be strapped on to a knee or an elbo?

Drew: I don’t think it will fit on the knee just cause the sizing. I don’t think someone could slip one up there cause its kinda snug, and to fit your foot pretty snug so you have a lot of control over the dong. An elbow it might fit.

Joe: If you can get it up there probably.

Drew: Yeah, yeah we will have to try and get someone in like full armored Heeldo’s

(all laughing) Elbows, knees and feet.

PTEros: We are throwing around ideas, what about prosthetic limbs?

Drew: Yeah, you know when we first were tossing around the idea, trying to find a market for it to fit in, so we were like, alright, we think it’s a great idea, we don’t have a product yet and we don’t know if it’s gonna work but the whole concept to us works.  So it’s either gonna be a cool adult toy that people really like but if it doesn’t work then maybe we can put it in like the adult gag and novelties part of it and the funny end of it. The other thing was, I’m sure there’s people out there you know who may need this that don’t have a leg or something or don’t have arms and cant masturbate, and they need to use their feet. So we were thinking there’s probably a pretty small demographic but here is a market for that even though but we were open to anything.

The coolest thing I think was when we put it out in our heads it was for chic’s cause this is what we see it for, a girl squatting down on it while giving her dude a blow job.  But once we put it out there, people started using it in different ways, and all the dudes started using it, so we started to tap into the whole gay demographic which is something completely new to us. On the bottom heel position kind of evolved from that where ere people where able to put the dildo on the bottom of their heel and use it on a partner. Which even opens it up to people that are not limber enough to kind of bend down and do it to themselves, versatility is a big part of the product right now.

PTEros: What’s on the horizon for Heeldo? As far as upgrades, add-ons, spin offs, what can we expect to see?

Drew: We are planning on adding an entire line of dongs and some vibrating attachments that we’re working on. Hopefully sometime next year, but in the next month we are doing all new colors. I think we are doing a total of four colors. Yes four colors between the girls and the guys and some other limited runs. We will be doing a big push for that this month as things unfold we’re kind of tapping into a little bit of everything.

PTEros: My first exposure was to Ashley. Can you tell us a little about how you got together, and how she became to be the Heeldo Spokes Model?


Ashley Sinclair

Ashley Sinclair

Heeldo.com Spokesmodel

Joe: Sure! Actually she’s in Tennessee. She’s very well known in the Fetish world especially Foot Fetish, She’s kind of like a Foot Fetish Queen.

She’s got one of the top rated sites, or stores on clips for sale.com she does anything any type of fetish and does a lot of foot fetish stuff.  We worked with (Taylor Raz) out of Florida she does a ton of content, she shoots all the time. We sent in our early stages we were sending Heeldos and we still do now to production companies, cam models anybody that you know we feel will use it and help promote it. Through (Taylor) we saw Ashley and she was doing all this great, great work different positions everything you could think of, this was months before we decided to approach her.  We just felt like she nailed it, she did really good she started tweeting pictures about it, and has been there through the whole growth, through the beginning and months went by and we started talking about it. A way to partner with someone in that community that we can do some cross promotion she can get her people going and we can give some exposure to her and we approached her. We had a call with her and she immediately into it cause she already knew the product she did like two three videos at the time so she was like yeah! Let’s do it this is great! She took it and ran with it, we are doing a ton of photos with the new colors and she’s doing workout videos with it. We are doing a lot with her, it’s really been fun. This is like our 2nd month, announced in early June so we still got a lot of things on the back burner that we’re waiting to do with her.

PTEros: Are there any traveling conventions or anything that you guys are going to be attending, where some of our listeners can find you, or an outlet to purchase their Heeldo?

Joe: For the conventions we are kind of waiting, as AVN and XBiz get announced,  you know we’re hoping that we’ll be nominated again this year, and attend the AVN or XBiz show which is normally early January of 2014. For the rest of this year I don’t think it’s in the plan right now for us to attend but I know Ashley goes to a lot of them and that’s kind of we can go with her and she’s our own little street team.

PTEros: So did you do AVN Vegas?

Joe: Yeah, we did AVN Las Vegas, we did XBiz in L.A, Luxor, Nalpak at the AVN in Vegas had our foot display up on their table which was really cool! To have a big company, national distributor representing our product that was really cool. It’s still a lot of work, we are competing with sports sheep and pipe dreams these guys have huge booths. We have one product right now, we are still in our hyper growth phase, and really just doing whatever we can to get the word out.

PTEros: – Where can the Colorado listeners go for Heeldo are you in pleasures or any stores that are around the Denver, Colorado springs, Ft. Collins area?

Drew: Yeah! We are in Secrets adult shop, not Pleasures but hopefully Pleasures soon.  I spoke with someone there today so we have to talk to their buyer and see what we can work out, they have about two or three stores on Denver., so hopefully but also online Heeldo.com we sell direct which has been great and many other online retailers sex toy marketplace, Adam and Eve has been great for us we are moving a lot through them.

Joe: As of last week we delivered a ton of inventory to all of the Lovers Lane stores which they have 31 stores throughout the Midwest so it’s not as far as Colorado but if you have people coming through town and maybe they are going back to Chicago, Indiana or Michigan. We are going to be in all of their stores.

If they want to get in touch, I go through all the emails [email protected] or go to the website to the contact Form there. Depending on where your people are we can kind of send them to one of the stores.

HeeldoPTEros: Tell us about your affiliate program?

Joe: We launched it not too long ago it’s still in the growth phase but this is where we can give tracking urls and tracking codes to anyone, webmaster or webcam girl that has a good amount of visitors to their website or followers on their twitter. If they drive traffic to the website that eventually converts to a sale then, we are offering them 25% of the sale to their account.  So anyone that loves the product and has a site like that, they can go to the Heeldo website and sign up for it and there’s a link right on the home page if anyone is interested. We create a code send it to them and then if they push through we’ll pay them for it!

PTEros: Pretty generous guys, really like that!

Joe: It’s all part of the growth.

PTEros: Now about the Foot Fetish craze, how do you tap into that?

Joe: Ashley was just at a convention called Fetish Con in Florida, and that’s all they do is every type of Fetish you could think of there. With this type of product, there are products out there that you can buy two feet together and kind of use that but with the one we feel its geared for everybody it’s for couples it’s for anyone looking to find a new way to masturbate, for people that want to see a clunky sexy thing on a foot that they strap on, and pull buckles and it goes completely in line with that Foot Fetish and what their looking for. We really feel like its right up their alley and that’s where we were going with Ashley over the next few months’, she’s going to be doing photos and videos. Strictly for her foot fetish followers, she’s already done a ton of custom videos using Heeldo for her clients that she’s been working with for years and they all love it.

So to keep working with her and other Models that have that type of fan base, that’s exactly the market that we want to hit with it.

PTEros: How has the product changed and impacted your life, I mean how have Joe and Drew’s lives been impacted for the better, by the introduction of HEELDO?

Drew – It’s been great it came out of nowhere, is the funny thing, had no idea we were inventing some great sex toy, should be a great next couple years for us! We are kinda just along for the ride right now.