Dear Sexy Single Mommy,

Girl, I need your help! I was a silent viewer of your Twitter Chat because I was a little embarrassed about my current situation and it seemed like all of the women had been there but were not currently being dickmatized. I had not heard the term, “Dickmatized” before but when you posted the definition, I began to realize that I was that chick who had fallen victim to the BEST DICK IN MY LIFE & when I tell you that I have lost my ever-loving my behind it….Giirrrlllll…I AM A MESS!

I met this guy, who for the sake of this letter, I will call, “Long Dick Willy,” about 6 months ago. We met at mutual friends BBQ and hit it off right from the jump. He is tall, 6’7, former football player, light eyes and sexy as a MF! All the things that I like in a man, as far as physical qualities are concerned. We exchanged numbers and talked every day for a week. We went out to dinner and a movie two weeks later and ended up at his place, in his bed, at the end of the date. It was never my intention to have sex with him so soon but the physical attraction between us is undeniable and when he kissed me, I couldn’t breathe!

That man took me DOWN! When I say that I could feel him all the way in my stomach…I am NOT lying! I had never been with a man who was that BIG before and when I rode it, it was damn near in my chest! But it’s not ONLY about the dick…his tongue had me speaking in tongues! I mean, he put a tongue lashing on my so tough, he could have called me “Kizzy” and I would have responded, “Yes, Massa!” He put it on my so damn good that I can’t get it off my mind! Now, I am walking around like a zombie with my head all in the clouds! I can’t think about anything else but him! I want it morning, noon and night!

However, there are some things that I found out AFTER he dickmatized me that I wouldn’t ordinarily put up with from a man… he doesn’t work and the “apartment” that we went to the first night was his brother’s. He actually lives with his mom “until he gets back on his feet.” However, NONE of that even matters because I ONLY want to have sex with him. We see each other about 3-4 times a week for a “fuck session” and that’s it.

We have never been out on a date after the first time, because I want to get straight to it (as I am sure he does, too!) every time I see him.

My friends think that I have lost my mind because I let him take my car while I’m at work a couple of times a week. He says that he is looking for jobs or has some interviews, but it’s been 4 months and he hasn’t found one yet. He doesn’t even put gas in the car but when I complain, he starts kissing and touching me and gets me all hot and bothered that I just let it pass. Once I found a girl’s phone number in my car but when I confronted him about it, I got the same reaction that I do when I complain about the gas and we end up damn near getting it on in the car!

I have been approached by men who have their shit together but I won’t even give them the time of day because I have been dictimized by Long Dick Willy. I know that he is no good but I can’t even see beyond the sex. Please give me some suggestions on what I can do to walk away from this good dick!

Kizzy ~ Slave to the Dick

What The Sexy Single Mommy Would Do?

Kizzy, my dear, you are in one hell of a predicament! The good thing is that you have taken the first step and acknowledged that you have a problem! Now, you simply need to WALK AWAY!

Don’t call him and don’t return his calls. You need to stay as far away from Long Dick Willy as possible because it seems that you two can’t occupy the same space without being all over each other.

You have already noted the things that you would not “ordinarily” tolerate in a man, so you ALREADY know that this is not the man for you. Besides putting in down in the bedroom, what else is he offering you? Sounds like nothing but wet sheets and a wet ass.

Long Dick Willy, I’m sure knows what effect his dick has on women and he knew he could dickmatize you right from your initial conversation. Men like this, pry on women like you…the ones that have never had REALLY good dick and don’t know how to act once they get it and who will do anything to continue getting it!

Kizzy, WAKE UP! Find a hobby or something to occupy your mind and your time. Hang out with your friends more and be open to talking to some of the men that approach you. Give a good man a chance! Remember above all else, that you are worthy of having a man who adores you and who thinks much more of you than a piece of ass and YOU, my dear Kizzy, have to expect and demand more of men. Sex should be the icing on the cake…not just the cake!

What Would YOU Do?
Have you ever been Dickmatized?
How did you get out of that situation?
Did you lose your mind and all common sense?
What advice would you give to Kissy?


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  1. Andrea says : Reply

    Good advice. We shall see if Kizzy heeds your advice and if we’ll see her on the evening news chasing after Willy. I have never been in such a situation and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

  2. Candace says : Reply

    Excellent read! Loving it!

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