1. Enthusiasm When getting down and dirty, men don’t want a limp noodle in the bedroom. If you want to turn your man off, QUICK, just lay there! Men want a woman who enjoys sex and enjoys it with him. Be exciting in the bedroom and show him that you desire him. Don’t just lay

I have heard many women tell me about their experience with a man that they recently met and they telling me about “how he made love” to them” REALLY?  You just met his ass yesterday…oh, my bad, 2 weeks ago and you are “making love already?”  Girl, if you don’t KNOCK IT OFF! Women are

Dear Sexy Single Mommy, “Dating” a younger man is such a bad thing, Some women may like teaching these young bucks how to work it, however, I am not one of them. He better know what he’s doing before being with me. Last night, I don’t know what bad porn movie he watched to learn

Dear Sexy Single Mommy, Girl, I need your help! I was a silent viewer of your Twitter Chat because I was a little embarrassed about my current situation and it seemed like all of the women had been there but were not currently being dickmatized. I had not heard the term, “Dickmatized” before but when