After going on three really good first dates last week, I came to an important conclusion: When I date men who are handsome, charming, wealthy, well-mannered and intelligent I AM HAPPY. After not being asked out on a second date by any of them . . . . I AM MORTIFIED. Clearly, I’m getting in

Taking it all in, I dove into the after-baseball crowd with gusto.  I was looking hot in my new, flirty pink dress, and I was about to meet my fine date here among the masses.  We had our initial meet-n-greet the evening before, and I had surmised that he was going to be a delightful

Taking him firmly in my mouth, I thought to myself: I certainly hit the jackpot, too.  This new lover had made that very same “jackpot” declaration to me a few nights prior while out on our “meet-n-greet” after he had answered my Craigslist ad. I had been looking for no strings attached sex. I’m a