Annette Air! My chest begged, aching in a depraved way. I threw my hands back against the wall and gasped because my body told me to. My lower back tensed as my diaphragm began to quiver in waves. Noooooouugh, Uuuuungh, uuuungh Ooooooooough! I couldn’t resist, the wave hit my hips and lower back sending a

Baby, bayby, baaeibie… Everyone has a sex tape; this was the first song of mine. Evan smirked at the recognition of the song.  I poured two shots of Remy into tall frosted shot glasses. The volume on the song was just loud enough that the sound of my shallow attempts to breathe wouldn’t be shown

You’re a virgin huh? Ummm… perfect. I smiled easy and reserved so as not to spook her into flight. She was a unicorn, the mythological creature that eluded me after all these years. I heard a ping and the faint radio playback of Neil Armstrong, “One step for man…”She was the beach at low tide,

He ran three fingers from the base of my skull to my neck then turned his hand over and ran his knuckles softly down my spine. Just before hitting my bra strap, his hand paused and started to rotate slowly. I didn’t want to like it, but I did. Evan kissed my neck slow, leaving

Our game was a war cloaked in manners. We would start dinner out diplomatically; Annette and I both sending our best representatives to meet one another. Decorum would establish the rules. She would pretend that she had manners and try to conceal her true intentions, and I would be patient and perceptive, all the while

I inhaled slow, drawing the smell into the back of my throat. I smacked twice spreading the smell over the base of my tongue and throat. “Take this back! I said. I’m sorry Sir is something wrong? Yes. Please tell the chef to cook my new steak on a grill that hasn’t been cross contaminated

His eyes were beautiful; I had convinced myself that the eyes of a killer would somehow appear different. I thought maybe he’d squint and look around nervous, or that he’d have big Que ball crazy eyes, but no, they were beautiful. They were a deep hazel three shades just before brown, beautiful. His stare was