10 Things Every Man Wants in Bed

SexySingleMommy1. Enthusiasm

When getting down and dirty, men don’t want a limp noodle in the bedroom. If you want to turn your man off, QUICK, just lay there! Men want a woman who enjoys sex and enjoys it with him. Be exciting in the bedroom and show him that you desire him. Don’t just lay there, ladies, put your back into it!

2. His Very Own Personal Cheerleader

A man loves to hear that they are doing it right…that he is hitting that spot, so why not cheer him on? Men like to have their egos stroked and if they are stroking that kitty just the way we like them to, then show a little encouragement. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like “quiet sex.” Men don’t either, so cheer him on and let him know!

3. Open to try new things

Missionary position is so 1980’s! If that is all you are willing to do, that is a problem. Men love women who are willing to try new things. That doesn’t mean that you have to hang from the chandeliers every night, but be open to try new positions or new places. Be adventurous and try out some Kama sutra positions. Have sex in a different place…why not serve him you on the dining room table…just a thought.

4. Initiative

Take it sometimes, ladies. Gone are the days of being prim and proper in the bedroom. If you want to have sex, let him know and be sexy about it. When he comes home, greet him at the door with a sexy teddy or better yet, with nothing on. Men love a woman who lets them know what they want and aren’t afraid to make the first move.

5. I’m Bossy

Besides taking initiative, be sure to tell him HOW you want it! Men can appreciate a woman who tells her man how she wants it and explains how she wants him to get there. Boss him around in bed. He’ll love it!

6. Talk Dirty to Me, Baby

A turn on for men is when you talk dirty to them. Again, don’t act shy during sex. If you want it faster, tell him. Don’t use the terms you learned in sex education, be vulgar! By talking dirty, you keep things hot and spicy during sex and your man at attention…just the way we like it!

7. What’s Your fantasy?

Tell your man what your fantasies are and listen to his. Make mental notes and make as many of those fantasies come true. If he wants a naughty school girl, be that! What’s important is to LISTEN! Even if some of his fantasies are way left field, listen. Don’t ever say, “You have got to be crazy” because the result will be that he won’t share them with you again. You don’t have to act out every fantasy but incorporate what you can and surprise him when you do!

8. Give Him Some Becky

Giving head is not just for special occasions. Ladies, how would you feel if he only went down on your birthday and Christmas? Let’s be clear, men love to receive oral sex just as much as we do. Don’t be afraid to push him against the door when he walks in, take him in your mouth and make him damn near drop to his knees while you do that thang! Don’t forget, spitters are quitters!

9. Sex on your mind

Let your man know that you are thinking of him…sexually. Send a text letting him know what he can expect when he gets home or what you want him to do to you. When out in public, lick his ear and in a whisper, tell him something freaky to get that excitement going. Make his imagination run wild with anticipation of what’s yet to cum.

10. Don’t be afraid to touch…yourself

Give him something to watch. It is a big turn on for a man when a woman shows how confident she is and puts on a show for him. Trust me; it won’t be a one woman show for long! He will be eager to join you!

Remember…what you won’t do, the next woman will. Be a freak in the sheets!

Men, do you agree that these are 10 things that every man wants in bed?

Would you add anything to this list?

Ladies, do you believe that you should be a freak in the bedroom?

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